Dieser Text befindet sich inhaltlich auf dem Stand des Jahres 2002 und wird nicht mehr gepflegt oder aktualisiert. Er ist in jeder Hinsicht veraltet und steht nur noch zu Dokumentationszwecken online.

V 1.2

(last maintenance release: 2005-01-09):

  • new: direct feeding mode (experimental)
  • new: pedantic mode; all violations will be reported in auto-mode
  • chg: RFC-violations marked with * instead of - in output
  • chg: only RFC-violations will be reported in auto-mode; everything else is considered a minor problem
  • chg: quoted/printable no longer checked
  • chg: new artchk.pl.disabled will disable all instances
  • chg: sample.rc corrected (new URLs)
  • fix: signature delimiter in first line of posting wasn't checked
  • fix: alternative postingserver could run in timeout
  • fix: mode reader must be send before authentification
  • fix: default for $ininame contained full path
  • fix: check for Mozilla-generated MID was not case-insensitive
  • fix: length of first body-line was not checked
  • fix: some problems with From: were not reported due to a spelling error
  • fix: logging did'nt work correctly
  • fix: expanding of variables from .rc didn't work correctly

V 1.2.01 BETA (01-01-07):

  • minor code rewrite
  • new version numbers
  • chg: -v* replaces -dn
  • chg: improved expanding of variables from .rc
  • chg: sample.rc changed
  • new: logfile added (for debugging purposes)
  • new: forced check of a single posting (message-id) in any group
  • new: enhanced check for reply-to:
  • new: check for MX-/A-records in From:/Reply-To: (experimental only)
  • new: check for duplicate headers
  • new: program can be temporarily disabled via *.disable file
  • new: killfile added

V 1.1

Build 00082501 BETA:

  • fix: bugfix for unquoted special characters in regexps
  • chg: sample.rc changed
  • chg: improved signature check (delimiter and length)
  • new: check for role accounts (only) in From:
  • chg: reporting of problems with From: / Reply-To: (renamed sections in .rc-file)
  • chg: complete rewrite of &getmailaddres-parser

Build 00081101 BETA:

  • fix: expanding of variables just worked once –> wrong output
  • fix: expanding of variables didn't recognize all variable names

Build 00080901 BETA:

  • major code rewrite
  • new: you may use variables in .rc-file / sample.rc changed accordingly
  • chg: MIDs conforming to draft-ietf-usefor-msg-id-alt-00, chapter 2.1.2, will be accepted (<unique%address@do.main>)
  • new: $trigger_check verbose in Subject will copy extract of logfile to followup - you should set log level to 4 or above
  • chg: minor problems won't be reported anymore unless $trigger_check is found in Subject ($diaglevel)
  • chg: first line of posting is no longer checked for $trigger_check
  • chg: nocheck is no longer a trigger word
  • chg: .ini-file is rewritten after each group that has been checked
  • fix: Subject of followup could contain 8bit-chars

Build 00061301 BETA:

  • new: you may enter a special check-reply for every known newsreader in the .rc-file that will be printed out after the "normal" reply (.rc-file changed!) syntax: [checkname-nr], e.g. [nomid-moz] or [nomid-gnus]
  • fix: newsreader from Staroffice was detected as Mozar^H^Hilla

Build 00052101 BETA:

  • chg: check-reply for local-part/domain of From: (.rc-file changed!)
  • fix: regexp for legal characters in the local-part of From:

Build 00051501 BETA:

  • fix: reading of .ini-file

Build 00051401 BETA:

  • new: you may define the name of the .rc-file in the .ini-file
  • chg: format of .ini-file
  • fix: add trailing / to path, if needed
  • new: send mode reader command to both servers before starting
  • new: check local-part and domain of From: / Reply-to: (.rc-file changed!)
  • new: you may define a posting server different from the one you read from (syntax of .ini-file changed!)
  • chg: improved handling of NNTP-errors
  • chg: default trigger string for check is now check (again) (.ini-file)
  • fix: nocheck was ignored or mistaken for check if trigger-expression was changed from \bcheck\b to check
  • chg: Decoding (qp/Base64) is now done by modules from CPAN

Build 000050501 BETA:

  • chg: parameters can now be given in any order you want

Build 000050101 BETA:

  • fix: uk was missing in file domains
  • chg: warning for Mozilla-generated MID will appear only if MID is generated by Mozilla

Build 00042401 BETA:

  • new: trigger strings for checking and ignoring (in auto-mode) may be defined in .ini-file
  • chg: default trigger string for check is now \bcheck\b —> check as a single word
  • chg: better handling for check / ignore in subject and first line
  • fix: check found in first line of body did not generate right introduction for followup
  • new: debug levels 5/6

Build 00042203 BETA:

  • new: you can have different .ini/.rc-files - new parameter when starting artchk.pl
  • fix: URLs for identified newsreaders were not posted since 00042102

Build 00042202 BETA:

  • new: settings for path to .ini/.rc/domains
  • fix: too long lines in signature were detected even if there was no signature
  • new: check will also be found in first line of posting
  • chg: sample.rc (check in first line of body)
  • fix: base64-decoding (was still not working correctly)

Build 00042201 BETA:

  • new: entries in *.rc-file may be deleted to skip checks
  • fix: sample.rc (spelling errors / some clarifications)

Build 00042103 BETA:

  • fix: MID-FQDN-TLD-checking (was case-sensitive)

Build 00042102 BETA:

  • new: decode base64-encoded bodies
  • new: check for Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
  • fix: q/p-decoding was completely broken

Build 00042101 BETA:

  • new: MID must have a FQDN with valid TLD
  • new: settings for debug level
  • new: you can specify the nntp-port in the *.ini-file (default: 119)

Build 00042001 BETA:

  • fix: RegExp for checking From:-header (finally)

Build 00041902 BETA:

  • fix: Date:-check

Build 00041901 BETA:

  • new: check Date: for 4digit-year
  • fix: RegExp for checking From:-header
  • fix: don't compare From: and Reply-To:, but rather the addresses in them
  • chg: &getmailaddress redesigned

Build 00041303 BETA:

  • fix: max. line length in sig is set to 80 chars

Build 00041302 BETA:

  • new: send output via NNTP instead of copying files to the news.out-directory.
  • chg: replybymail is not supported any more
  • chg: line length in sig not checked any more
  • fix: improved checking of sig-delimiter

Build 00041301 BETA:

  • new: get input via NNTP instead of starting HAM.exe and reading from files

V 1.0

Build 00040601 BETA:

  • fix: Date:-Header was invalid for single-digit day (wrong regexp)
  • fix: followups to crossposting were directed to wrong group

Build 00032801 BETA:

  • fix: sigdelimiter-warning for OE was displayed even when sigdelimiter was correct

Build 00032501 BETA:

  • new: moved entries for last tested postings to .ini

Build 00031901 BETA:

  • fix: problem with sig-delimiter: everything ending with "–" matched
  • fix: problem with q/p-decoding: whitespace at EOL was cut

Build 00031802 BETA:

  • chg: killed Hamster-specific headers from header-copy in replies by mail

Build 00031801 BETA:

  • new: support for replybymail in the Subject:-line.
  • new: &getmailaddress
  • fix: RegExp for checking From:-header

Dieser Text befindet sich inhaltlich auf dem Stand des Jahres 2002 und wird nicht mehr gepflegt oder aktualisiert. Er ist in jeder Hinsicht veraltet und steht nur noch zu Dokumentationszwecken online.