Tools on

Tools from myself (Sven Weise †️)

The License for all scripts written by me if no or no other is mentioned at the scripts

Some sort of colection of usefull commands

Traceroute all newspeers from innfeed*.conf
CGI to Traceroute from $self to $REMOTE_ADDR
Script to generate a picture of the ranking on for the last 31 days
Script to set topic on IRC (for IRSSI) with the ranking on Top1000
Script to check the configuration closely
Script to just run innreport on your logs
Script to check @servers for feedholes
Script to grep through news.notice and print only interresting entrys
Script to get mixmins bad_hosts_central file
Script to print out how much articles (in percent) a feed takes
Script to generate an nice INPATH graphic - needs from below
Script to run the newsserver on autopilot. Creates and deletes groups as they are used (Inspired by a script of Cord Beermann)

Tools from others

INFEEDMAP (a bit modified by me) for signing usenetarticles
Connect to a newsserver and generate a checkgroups compatible list - Generates a dot-filte from inpath data - Generate diagrams for TOP1000 data by Ullrich von Bassewitza